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Lino Prints

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1. Antheia the Greek Goddess of flowers, blossoms and human love. (hand with rose)

2. Hecate/Hekate the Greek Goddess magic, witchcraft, the night, ghosts, sorcery and the moon. (hand with moon wand)

3. Artemis Greek Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness and the moon. (hand with arrow and moon)

4. Persephone Greek Goddess of Spring and queen of the underworld. (hand with plant) SOLD OUT

5. Theia Greek Goddess of sight, mother of the sun, the dawn and the moon (eye)

Original hand cut and printed lino prints.

A5 size (140x220mm) including border.

As these are hand printed each print will vary. I try to keep as much consistency as is possible but there will be variations in each piece, which makes them special and unique.


This is also available in a discounted set of all 4 hand prints.